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The Antonio Verdi Signature poem collection comprises 21 original, previously unpublished romantic poems available only through this portal. Poems are encased in a COSIMO (pronounced KAW-zee-maw) an elegant, handmade artifact used to deliver a message.

The COSIMO is carved out of mango wood, it is put in flames to get the burnish effect, and then hand engraved on both sides with the Celtic love knot symbol as shown in the image gallery below.

The Celtic Love Knot, with its two intertwining overhand knots, represents two bonded lovers. Exchange of love knots between lovers dates to the 3rd century AD and used to be the mark of admitting one's feelings. This valentine symbol has no beginning and no ending, resembling the permanence and continuance of Love.

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Signature Poem Collection

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Our Spell
From friendship to romance.
Touching gift for new boyfriend/girlfriend.
Out of the Tempest
A difficult period in a couple's relationship.
Love Beam
Romantic poem for expectant mothers.
My Hero
For the soldier.
Queen of my Heart
Marital happiness and affection.
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