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About Antonio Verdi

Antonio Verdi is a luxury, lifestyle brand defined by its flagship romantic gift concept, COSIMO, an elegant, handmade artifact used to deliver a message. Antonio Verdi designs artifacts which convey and amplify the positive qualities of one's personality, identity, and character. The brand's founder and creative director believes that romantic gift ideas comprise more than a tangible element. An "interesting" gift has a story, creates imagery, touches people emotionally, and should have a hidden meaning.

When we communicate with others socially, our goal is to contribute good emotions to the interaction and exert genuine, positive characteristics of our personality. In the case of romantic relationships, we seek to express deeper emotions, trigger interest, and relay we have attractive qualities in our lifestyle, identity, and emotional circuitry.

This goal has been accomplished for centuries through the use of various interaction methods like art, music, romantic gift giving, poetry, the use of intriguing perfumes, or the exchange of romantic correspondence. The Antonio Verdi (AV) series of artifacts are developed to stimulate curiosity, intrigue, and excitement. These attributes, common to the AV collection, are able to change one's emotional state to one that makes them drawn to and feel connected to another person.

Each season we strive to create a quality, elegant collection while supporting our social mission; to free children from exploitation and poverty and to free young people from the belief that they are powerless to effect positive change in the world.

Authentic AV Guarantee

We certify the authenticity of all products purchased through Antonio Verdi online. Antonio Verdi products are manufactured with the highest quality materials, unique design concepts, and exquisite workmanship. All AV products are made in India and assembled in the US.

Payment Methods Accepted
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