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Wedding Invitations

"Make your wedding invitations a breathtaking experience"

Each COSIMO delivered will include the following:

  • i. Wooden box carved on both sides with the Celtic love knot as indicated in the picture below.

  • The COSIMO as a breathtaking wedding invitation

  • ii. Satin brass tag affixed inside the wooden box, as indicated above, labeled: “Antonio Verdi, New York, messaggio personale”
  • iii. Blank parchment of selected length (13”, 15”, or 18”), 5.5” wide, affixed to wooden dowels on both ends. The parchment length does not affect the price.
  • iv. Jute string wrapped around and securing the scroll.
  • v. Certificate of Authenticity signed by the creative director.
  • vi. Sealed with a real golden wax seal.

Note: Each COSIMO weighs approximately 17oz and measures Length: 9.6 inches, Width: 3.3 inches, Height: 2.5 inches. The weight and dimensions of the delivered batch will slightly vary to this specification due to the handcrafted nature of the product. However all items in the batch delivered will have the same dimensions and weight.

Pricing Tiers

50-100: $184 per unit

100-150: $174 per unit

150-200: $164

Shipping and handling flat fee: $199

Optional ($200): Custom Poem

Our partner poet (the author of all poems in our collection) can provide a custom 4-6 stanza poem tailored to your occasion. You will only need to give us some information about the couple.

Important information about the order, the deposit, and the delivery dates

This order has to be placed 4 months prior to the desired delivery date. To achieve the highest quality wood the order has to be placed between January and February (this is the optimal season for dry wood). For the order to be placed, you will need to submit a deposit of 60% of the total cost of the order. The remaining 40% is payable within 15 days upon delivery of the product to your door.

Return Policy

If specific articles are not to your satisfaction you can return them to us using the prepaid return FEDEX label enclosed with your delivery. We will send replacements at no additional cost to you.

You can cancel your order at no cost up to 15 days following your order. Following the 15 days and up to 15 days after delivery the cost of cancellation is %60 of your order. To cancel the order you need to ship all delivered items back to us using the enclosed FEDEX return label. You will not be charged for the return shipping. Cancellation entitles you to forgo the 40% remaining payment.

Payment Methods Accepted
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