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COSIMO, a Unique Handmade Gift Idea

Antonio Verdi launched in 2010 a novel concept in romantic gift giving. We called it COSIMO, which is pronounced "KAW-zee-maw," a medieval inspired, handmade, wooden artifact used to deliver a message.

A COSIMO is handmade in its entirety, no two are the same. It is hand-carved on both sides with a Celtic love-knot to symbolize the permanence and continuance of Love. It arrives sealed with a real wax seal which is securing the COSIMO ensuring the recipient is the first and only one to open the gift by breaking the seal. The wooden box itself is heavy and solid-feeling, with great attention to detail.

Removing the top of the box, reveals a scroll of handmade, aged-looking paper with a carved, wooden handle at each end. The paper scroll is handmade and manufactured using natural, eco-friendly, raw materials. Lifting the scroll, reveals a small satin paper slip signed by the Creative Director, this is the certificate of authenticity. The scroll is tightly wrapped with a jute string; when your loved one unfolds the scroll, they will see a medieval looking version of the love poem you chose printed on the scroll.

You can elect to include in the COSIMO one of our unique, previously unpublished romantic poems from our Words of Love Signature Collection or personalize the COSIMO by submitting your own message in our Personalized Gifts page.

Length: 9.6 inches (24cm), Width: 3.3 inches (8.5cm), Height: 2.1 inches (5.5cm).

The distinctive design and elements of the COSIMO are proprietary and owned by Antonio Verdi LLC. This product is not intended for use as a food container.

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