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Upload your personal message, poem, or romantic prose; we will print it on our handmade paper scroll, and package it as a COSIMO. Click on the blue, "gift photos" button at the bottom of this page for images of the COSIMO. First overnight delivery and 2-day delivery available during checkout.

To order a COSIMO...

Click on the gray "submit message & add to shopping bag" button found below. On the next page, upload your personal message using a file of format Microsoft Word, wps, or txt. The message can be up to 2,464 characters (with spaces). If you are submitting a poem, it should not exceed 44 verses. Each verse at 64 characters.

Do you have special formatting requirements?

If you have special formatting requirements, you can download and fill out our template. The template is provided in Microsoft Word 97-2003 format.

You can type the message in any language. The message can also include images if desired. The message and images will be printed on black and white ink. The message will be printed on font Papyrus, size 12 as shown in the template. To request a different font (i) use that font in the template you will provide to us, (ii) indicate the name of the font on the next page (shopping bag).

To change the contents of your message after placing your order please see our Changes & Cancellations policy.

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