Frequently Asked Questions

I need to change my order, what do I do!? Email us at as soon as possible. It takes 1-2 calendar days to ship an order (every order requires assembly). Please do not get stressed, we will accomodate any change you require.

How fast do you respond to emails and voice-mails? We respond to urgent emails and voice-mails within 45 minutes of receipt between 7am and 11pm Eastern Standard Time. Email us at

What are the dimensions of the COSIMO? Length: 9.6 inches (24cm), Width: 3.3 inches (8.5cm), Height: 2.1 inches (5.5cm)

How soon can you deliver it? If your order is urgent, email us to request whether same day assembly/shipping is possible. First overnight (next business day between 8-8:30am) and 2 business day delivery service is available (additional charges apply of around $50-120). This expedited service is only available in the United States. Normal (FEDEX Ground/USPS International) delivery duration is 1-7+ business days. See our Shipping & Tracking for specific transit times.

Can I schedule for my order to be delivered at a future date? Yes! During checkout you can select a specific delivery date. We will ensure your order arrives on or closely before that date.


How much does the COSIMO cost? $200 if you select one of the poems from our signature collection. $245 if you personalize your order.

Why is the COSIMO so expensive? The short answer is "because of the number of labor hours required to construct, inspect, and assemble it." Every component of the COSIMO is handcrafted with several artisans contributing to its construction. The materials constituting the COSIMO are available only a few months each year. Final assembly of each COSIMO is performed in the United States; assembly is tailored to each order, it is detailed, and time consuming. Each COSIMO has to be inspected and certified by the Creative Director prior to shipment.

How do I submit my own poem or message? At the top of the main page you will see a link labeled "PERSONALIZE." Click that link and follow the instructions. The website offers an upload feature to upload your message/poem.


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