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Deployment Poems

Military deployments introduce a challenging dynamic for military members and their partners. However dealing with the challenges of deployment can bring a couple closer together. Although technology has lifted a lot of barriers to communication, it can also be a two-edged sword since unforeseen lapses to otherwise frequent communication can cause intense anxiety to one partner. In addition, service members also report that they intentionally withhold their feelings so that they are not distracted from their mission and partners at home might do the same so that they do not cause unnecessary worry for the deployed spouse.

The COSIMO as a breathtaking deployment gift

What appears to matter most for marital happiness is the quality of the communication between partners. The quality of communication between partners is highly correlated with relationship satisfaction.

Our goal is for the romantic gift we have designed to have a strong and long lasting impact to sustaining a happy, healthy, and successful relationship.

    From the Military Member
  • Your Sweet Love
    A poem that you want to read it time and time again. The definite statement of trust. It creates a world that touches the reader. A world built of images that come to the reader through vivid sense details.

  • For the Military Member
  • My Hero
    A poem that begs to be shared. The words that your partner wants to hear, the words of trust and devotion.A poem with a strong vision and command of language.
  • My Whole World
    A strong statement of hope. Wit, word-play, unexpectedness of word and thought, depth of feeling, vivid images.

  • For the Military Wife
  • The Only Light
    This poem can be customized for four different branches of the US Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force. Recognize her sacrifices and convey your devotion. This poem will stir her emotions and starlte her imagination.

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