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Out of the Tempest

My love,
We have seen the darkest side of life,
But we stood together so strong
And I see more clearly than ever now
That we will always make it somehow,
My love, my dear, my wife,
For I will always be happy as long
As we share the same bed
And I don't care and I don't fear whether
We face the easy or the hard road ahead,
As long as we are together
Life has been tough on us lately,
but we managed to get by
And here we are today,
with a love grown stronger, you and I
For we truly meant the words we uttered:
"In sickness and in health,"
And we know better than most, that love
is life's greatest wealth
My love,
A new era begins as of today,
The two of us forever blessed
With a love that no peril, toil, or man
Could ever destroy or even understand.
We are here, my love, and we are here to stay,
And we have passed this grueling test
For love grants strength to those who share it,
And even in the darkest times it can inspire,
And this love my darling I cannot compare it
But with a diamond that survives against the fire
So let us leave the hard times behind;
let us seal them in memory and move on,
A beautiful life awaits us in the future;
the new life that we have won
And it shall be better than all the happy days
we already lived before,
For now we know; we were thrown into the tempest
and have made it to the shore

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