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When I wake up in the morning
And lie alone, away from you,
I feel a void burning inside me,
A feeling so definite, so true
And as I walk the streets, I think of you,
Of the moment that we meet again
And as it gets near, this feeling pours,
Inside my heart and soul like rain
And then, there you are;
I see you coming from afar
And as your silhouette appears,
I have no regrets, nor fears
I hold you and I look into your eyes,
And hidden worlds reveal themselves to me,
I touch your lips and there comes burning,
A sensation that sets me emotionally free
And when I fall asleep at night,
The dreams I dream are dreams of you,
And then we wake up together honey,
And I know my dreams have finally come true

Signature Poem Collection

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Our Spell
From friendship to romance.
Touching gift for new boyfriend/girlfriend.
Out of the Tempest
A difficult period in a couple's relationship.
Love Beam
Romantic poem for expectant mothers.
My Hero
For the soldier.
Queen of my Heart
Marital happiness and affection.
A love poem about the condition of Eros, about what it feels like to be in passionate love. A great gift for your new relationship. This poem is delivered in a COSIMO, an elegant, handmade artifact shown in the image gallery below. Carved from rich, textured wood, the COSIMO is created by an artist who takes pride in their work. A truly unforgettable romantic gift idea.
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