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Love Beam

Well honey, although I am a man,
And I could never really understand
What you are now going through
I have to say that these months have been
The most happy and vivid I have ever seen
In all the precious days that I have spent with you
For in my heart, I feel devotion
And a deep, unique, and strong emotion
For you and our child that is about to be born
And my love for you, stronger than ever
Will keep the three of us forever
Warm and safe from the perils and the scorn
So have no fear, my dear, because all will be fine,
For I am yours eternally and you are mine,
And this child will be our blessed union's love beam
So I want you to smile and feel secure,
And be forever confident and sure
That our life will always be like living in a dream.

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Love Beam
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A romantic poem for expecting mothers. Send this romantic poem to your pregnant wife and convey the ever stronger affection, devotion, and emotional bond you feel about her. Make her feel secure and appreciated in these unique moments she is going through with this creative gift. This poem is delivered in a COSIMO, an elegant, handmade artifact shown in the image gallery below.
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