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Our Spell

It's wonderful what happens when friends
Like you and me share each other's lives,
As any kind of personal barrier ends,
And emotion bursts out and thrives
For when you get to know one so well
As I know you and you know me,
It seems like living under our own spell,
Where we are as we were meant to be
And in this perfect world of ours,
Even our flaws become to our eyes unique
And all the happy that we spend together hours
Are precious like a golden, rare antique
And as the hours passed and turned to days,
And then the days became months and years,
This friendship, that never sways,
Has managed to dry away my tears
And I realize that with you there is no fear
Of being misjudged, so I can totally be me
And this is something so similar and near
To what I would determine as being free
You know, someone who is whole is rare,
And I know this for certain to be true;
The world will no more seem bare,
For I am whole when I am with you

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Our Spell
From friendship to romance.
Touching gift for new boyfriend/girlfriend.
Out of the Tempest
A difficult period in a couple's relationship.
Love Beam
Romantic poem for expectant mothers.
My Hero
For the soldier.
Queen of my Heart
Marital happiness and affection.
Send this romantic poem to a close friend to seed the possibility of advancing the relationship to a different level. The poem validates the positive influences they have in your life and reveals the growing emotional connection present between you two. This poem is delivered in a COSIMO, an elegant, handmade artifact shown in the image gallery below.
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