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My Lioness

Our love is tough; you know it's true,
Its darker side leaves us black and blue,
Every time we start these Dionysian feasts,
We both know; we shall fight our inner beasts
Our love is rough; you blame me, I blame you,
We enter graceful but exit askew
It sends us to Hades, unable to resist,
It dwells our souls to their darkest ever mist
But in the end of every death,
There comes again our love's rebirth,
There comes the fire, the lava, the passion, and the lust,
You know it's not our first, you know it's not the last
You are not a woman, you are a lioness
And I'd never want you to be any less,
I am hooked and hooked I shall remain
To your love, your heat, your pain...

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Happy Birthday
For your beloved one's birthday.
My Lioness
A turbulent but passionate relationship.
Just Today
Anniversary (1-20 years).
Your Sweet Love
From the soldier.
About the condition of being in love.
The Only Light
For the military wife.
This is a romantic poem about a turbulent but passionate relationship. The kind that reaches massive levels of tension to subside again into passionate love, lust, and adoration. Give this poem to recognize the reality of the relationship, to communicate your true feelings, and strengthen the emotional connection. This poem is delivered in a COSIMO. A unique valentines day idea.
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