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The Only Light

I write to you now, and send you all the love,
The devotion and appreciation that I have
For the warmth, the strength, the care
That you show all this time that I'm not there
For I know it is a hard, tough life
The life of an army wife
I know how you feel waiting for the news,
Every day with the same fear in your heart
But you must always know that if I could choose
We wouldn't spend another second apart
For all the hope in any soldier's life
Is the love of his precious wife
I know there must be many more tears
Than you would ever let me know of
And I promise that in the coming years
I'll wipe them away from memory with love
For there's nothing more courageous in life
Than the unconditional love of an army wife
I write to you now, deep into the night,
I write to you for you are the only light
That keeps on shining and never fades away,
You are the light that shows me the way
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You have made the hero's choice to protect your country but at the price of leaving your beloved wife. Send this romantic heirloom to help ease your time apart and to show her how much she means to you. The poem is customizable for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. This poem is delivered in a COSIMO, an elegant, handmade artifact shown in the image gallery below.
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