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It was only yesterday when I was empty somehow,
Nothing in life that really thrilled me,
But that yesterday seems so long gone now,
For I have met you and you fulfilled me
I used to think that the praise of love
Couldn't possibly be true
But I see that this was only just
Because I hadn't yet met you
And now it all feels different,
full of happiness and joy,
Every little detail in life
that I would have never noticed before,
It now comes forth in front of me,
as if I were a little boy,
Listening in awe and believing
every word of love's gracious lore
Being in love is like being reborn,
It's the start of a life anew
And it feels like there is no scorn
In the world since I met you
And it's you and only you, my dove,
That I think of every morning when I wake,
And you I see in my dreams of lust;
I give you my heart, it's yours to take

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Happy Birthday
For your beloved one's birthday.
My Lioness
A turbulent but passionate relationship.
Just Today
Anniversary (1-20 years).
Your Sweet Love
From the soldier.
About the condition of being in love.
The Only Light
For the military wife.
A love poem about the condition of Eros, about what it feels like to fall in love. A poem about falling in love with someone special you met just a few months ago. This poem is delivered in a COSIMO, an elegant, handmade artifact shown in the image gallery below. A unique romantic gift idea for your boyfriend or girlfriend.
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