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This article show cases a personalized, romantic gift idea that is sure to bring a smile on his or her face. It is a unique gift idea that will take some extra thought and effort, but it ends up having a strong emotional impact.

The concept is simple; over a period of time (preferably 1 year), make a note of occasions where your significant other contributes positive energy to the relationship. This could be some advice they gave you that had a positive impact in your life or helped you advance your career; it could be a gesture that contributed to your emotional stability, or simply a witty response that made you smile. Along with the occasion, make a note of why this was important as a gesture to you, what was the feeling it triggered in you.

Here is an example: [February 17 2009] While we were strolling down Madison Avenue, I mentioned how concerned I was about my brother's negative attitude towards our father. You analyzed his ideas and explained to me how his behavior is potentially related to.... Your observations made me realize how my stance has affected him, and what I can do to improve myself and our relationship.

Although this is a touching gesture it can only become a unique romantic gift idea if it is delivered with a punch. When you have in your possession an adequate number of such occurrences (you do not want to overdo it, 7-10 such occasions will suffice) package your thoughts in a personalized COSIMO.

It is a good idea to give a unique title to this work, such us: "The Little Things you do..." and you could use a prelude like the one below:

If there is one thing I am grateful in this beat of life is that I met you. And of all the gifts you have ever given me, the greatest one is that of emotional stability. It is difficult for someone to recall all the little things that make them appreciate and respect their other half, so this past year, I decided to capture in words some of the things you did that made me feel whole, secure, and appreciative of your being in my life:

Delivering your thoughts in a COSIMO makes for a timeless keepsake, a romantic gift gesture that will last for years to come. This is an unfailing recognition of your appreciation.

The core value in this gift idea is the concept of "recognition." A loving, romantic relationship might be altruistic but giving back to our other half by recognizing their contribution and sacrifices strengthens the relationship, makes them feel secure, and builds confidence. And a confident spouse, is a spouse that is more creative, more fun, more chilled, more loving.

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