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Customer Testimonials and Reviews

It arrived this afternoon and she loved it. She said yes! Thank you so much for your expedient work and great artistry.

I was very happy with the product!! It was the perfect gift showing who I was (writing poetry) and the best concept to make something I wrote more creative!!! I think I even brought a tear to my mans eye which made it all completely worth it!! I will definitely be telling everyone I know about you guys!! C. 2014.01.17

Thank you so very much for this order. It was very well received. She loved it. It was a very great gift. P. 2013.05.23

This is unparalleled customer service at its best. I'll certainly keep you guys in mind for any future occasions, both within the family and among friends. Grace 2012.11.02

Thank you for the fast delivery and the exceptional customer service. This is an amazing idea and being able to submit my message in our native language was simply something I could not find anywhere else. Joann 2011.03.12

My wife called me at work to tell me she received her anniversary gift. She was really touched and surprised. She told me that after all these years I still amaze her and that the COSIMO was the most romantic gift she had ever received. She would not stop crying and that also brought tears in my eyes, what an amazing moment, what a great idea. It is priceless to be able to have such a profound, positive effect in peoples lives and you should be proud of your work. Thank you again. Kevin 2011.03.02

This is one of the most romantic gift ideas on the net. I wish you good luck and thank you for the last minute change in the shipping address. Natalie P. 2011.02.20

I have been away from home for 6 months on a business trip to the UK. My wife is pregnant and I was searching for romantic gift ideas to make her feel appreciated and secure. I am hopeless when it comes to romantic prose and coming across your website was a breath of fresh air. I ended up ordering "My Shining Star" in a COSIMO...she called me sobbing, she was extremely touched, I couldn't believe it. How can you beat this verse: "And our happiness will be fulfilled, And our love forever sealed, By the shining star between us two; Our child, my love, that grows in you..." Thank you for a fantastic idea. Michael 2011.01.22

My husband received the COSIMO and he was completely overwhelmed. He said it was very thoughtful and a nice change from the ordinary and mundane. I believe this is an artifact our grandchildren will be holding in their hands 30 years from today, thinking of us and talking about our great romance. Great job....Thank you for this wonderful idea. Bethany 2011.01.20

I was searching for romantic gift ideas on Google and stumbled on your website. I have been friends with this girl for over a year now, she is an amazing person, she is intelligent, caring, and I love her so much. However, we were stuck in the friend zone. We had a unique friendship that I was afraid to "damage" by trying to push it into a romantic relationship. I did not know how to pass this hurdle and in retrospect she was feeling the same way. So I decided to order the Our Spell poem. She told me this was the most romantic gift idea she had ever received. This was truly the slickest way of breaking into a romantic relationship with her. You have changed my life and I cannot thank you enough. Eliot 2011.01.14

I placed the order 3 days before our anniversary, and you shipped it like 2 hours after I submitted the order. What an amazing service! The box is already here and I have to truly say this was not only fast but it is one of the most romantic gift ideas I have come across. My boyfriend loved it. Judy 2010.12.10

My wife was diagnosed with a serious illness 3 years ago; we thought she would not make it. After months of anguish and suffering she was cleared this past month. It was the hardest time of our lives. Thank you for offering such a wonderful product, the "Out of the Tempest" poem was exactly what I wanted to tell her, it was exactly what I felt, it spelled out exactly what we went through; we were truly "...thrown into the tempest and have made it to the shore." What a beautiful idea, God bless you. Thomas 2010.10.22

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