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Silver Love

Well there's nothing that could possibly ever prepare
A couple of what they will encounter along the way,
All the heartaches, the troubles and the tears,
But we have made it through it all, and did not sway
And we have together made it there;
To our 25th anniversary, our Silver years!
This gift is nothing but a small token
Of my gratitude for your unfailing support,
Your love that remains unbroken
And has always been my single resort.
Maybe I haven't told you as much as I should have, how blessed
I feel to be with you my love, out of all men
And if sometimes my strength's not at its best
You know, if you wait long enough, I'll find myself again.
It's been a tough journey so far
But also always a happy one
And how else could it be done
When you wish upon a Star?
And if there truly is an afterlife
I'd once again choose to spend it as your wife,
Through the lows and through the highs,
If only I can look into your eyes.
All my love the rest of my life

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The silver anniversary is a very special moment to mark in time. Your relationship has survived many milestones. "Silver Love" eloquently signifies the experience of being together for a quarter of a century. This poem is delivered in a COSIMO, as shown in the image gallery below.
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