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A great idea for a second date is to watch a movie. A successful date movie should be pleasant to watch, somewhat deep but not too complicated, and potentially give you something to talk about. Here is a list of movies to watch with your date, some of which are really siphisticated that only few and select know about them, curated by the Antonio Verdi team.

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The Notebook   IMDB Rating 7.9/10

A summer romance in the early 40s between a lovestruck country boy (Ryan Gosling) and a privileged city girl (Rachel McAdams) ends abruptly when her disapproving social circle puts an end to their relationship. Seven years pass before the two see each other again, and they pursue their dream of happiness again.

The Proposal   IMDB Rating 6.7/10

Ryan Reynolds at his best, funny, sexy, romantic, great acting, as great as one can see in a romantic comedy film. The Proposal is a 2009 American romantic comedy film set in Sitka, Alaska. Directed by Anne Fletcher and written by Peter Chiarelli, the film features Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds as the leading roles, with Mary Steenburgen, Betty White, and Craig T. Nelson in supporting roles. The plot centers around a Canadian immigrant named Margaret Tate who is played by Sandra Bullock. Sandra Bullock is giving a hilarious performance in this one, portraying an obnoxious, independent, dominant character in the face of Tate.. Sandra Bullock learns that she may face deportation charges because of her expired visa. Adamant to retain her position as executive chief, Tate convinces her assistant, Andrew Paxton, to temporarily act as her husband. Initially planning on resuming their lives after Tate resolves her visa issues, the plans are seemingly abandoned as their relationship intensifies.

From: Wikipedia

Serendipity   IMDB Rating 6.7/10

Serendipity is a 2001 American romantic comedy, starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. It was written by Marc Klein and directed by Peter Chelsom. The movie setting is the Christmas shopping season in New York City. Jonathan Trager (John Cusack) meets Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) as they both try to buy the same pair of black cashmere gloves at Bloomingdale's. They feel a mutual attraction, and despite the fact that each is involved in other relationships, they end up eating ice cream at Serendipity III together, and soon exchange goodbyes. However, both realize that they have left something at the ice cream bar, and return only to find each other again. If you are a New Yorker this is a rather exciting film since it allows you to visit most of the settings the movie is taking place at. We do not recommend visiting Serendipity III since it is a rather antiquated place with poor food, however you will definitely enjoy the movie.

From: Wikipedia

Mr Nobody   IMDB Rating 7.8/10

Mr Nobody is one of the best date movies however it requires some homework otherwise you will end up scratching your heads. The movie explores the existence of a 4th dimension, that of "possibilities" (the other 3 being length, width, height, and time). When we are about to make a decision infinite possibilities exist for our future to follow. At that point, the movie contends, these infinite possibilities materialize as in infinite parallel worlds and the moment the decision is made these worlds are destroyed. The movie starts at the point where a kid (Nemo) is about to make such a decision (note everything you see after that point exists only as a possibility in the mind of Nemo and will cease to exist once Nemo makes the decision. However these possibilities ar real for the people that live in them) and then it spawns out to the various worlds that have been created based on these possibilities. You will not understand much from the trailer. We recommend you read the wikipedia article and the movie before you watch it with your date so you can explain it as you go on. This is a movie you can watch over and over again.


"Why did you left out 'The Great Gatsby?!' (IMDB Rating 7.3/10) one could exclaim. While "The Great Gatsby" is a wonderful movie, with great tempo, novel cinematography, and a fabulous performance by DiCaprio, it has a not well shot ending which also happens to be sad and leaves one unsatisfied. On the positive side, the movie is based on a classic by F. Scott Fitzgerald which you can read prior to your date which could spark a comparison discussion between the movie and the actual novel.

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