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Matt always tells Kevin that someone will ride into his camp one day and steal his heart away but Kevin was determined to keep his guard up and stay single focused until near 35 he figured. Two of his friends including Kevin were already married and divorced once and he wanted to be sure, absolutely sure of his choice.

Like so many stories portrayed in New York City in spring, this story is personal to the individuals and will stand out in any crowds, at least for them. This story however has a twist to it that gained notoriety from the get go. Kevin was an outside, on the streets of NY news reporter. He wasn’t an on camera reporter but prepared script for those that were. His mini celebrity status was run in the credits at the end of a news broadcast.

The remote van crew is waiting for an assignment when a manhole cover a half block away shot upwards and landed on a white Lincoln Town Car waiting for the light to change. The limo driver ran around to the passenger side door and was attempting to open it. The roof was sunken in and prevented the door from opening. He tried the other one and it too was not about to open. Kevin began running to his assistance and the camera crew were already filming, just in case there might be a story developing.

Without hesitation Kevin jumped into the front seat, took a dog named Liba, he was told while being handed from the back seat, and next he was pulling an attractive lady over the front seat and somehow she wedged herself between him and the steering wheel in a very unladylike position. The gentleman he is he yelled out for a blanket to the limo driver. He saw the trunk open and was quickly handed a movers type blanket.

“Hello, my name is Kevin, nice to meet you.” “Well Kevin, my name is Julie and I usually like to wait until our second date to get this personal,” she said with the sweetest laughter coming out of such perfect lips and teeth. “Does it hurt,” Kevin wanted to know? “Only when I try to wiggle,” she laughed again. It wasn’t a nervous or embarrassed laugh it was just one of life’s moments to not get up tight about and plus she smelled so wonderful.

“It’s Opium.” “What’s Opium,” Kevin wondered? “My perfume, you were wondering what kind of perfume I was wearing, weren’t you?” “Yes but, how did you know I was thinking that,” Kevin asked looking serious? “Your eyes weren’t rolling back into your head or anything like that, I just sense things about others thoughts sometimes that’s all,” she confirmed.

“Well Julie, I better occupy my mind with thoughts of how to get us out of this Lincoln instead of some other thoughts that are bubbling up.” Julia said she had an idea and Kevin asked what that might be. “Well, if you tell the guys sticking a camera in our faces to put them down and try adjusting the tilt steering wheel a little, that might help. Wow Kevin was thinking, a real beauty that smells great and knows about cars, what are the odds? “What was that about the odds, Julie asked? “So you can read my mind, how scary is that,” Kevin said.

“It is kind of scary Kevin. I can’t pick up just anyone’s vibrations, usually only those who will have a significant meaning in my life and the answer is yes.” I didn’t ask you anything Julia.” “So you don’t want to go out with me, is that right.” “Yes but.” “Guys, put down the gear and try the tilt wheel adjustment please.”

“Are they with you,” Julie asked, “are you someone famous? “No, well if you call credit recognition after a news cast yes, does that count?” “It looks like you are on camera now, why don’t you report the news as you see it,” Julie encouraged. Kevin thought a moment and with cameras rolling…

“Hello, this is Kevin Jacobs for CNBC news reporting live from 59th street. What you are witnessing on eyewitness news is two people falling in love from the seat of a Lincoln Town Car. While waiting to be extracted I remind you to tune in for full details, tonight at 11.

The end? No, just the beginning.

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